Over 100 finishes, over 1,000 stain combinations, and numerous wood species and design options: these are only a few of the reasons Consumer’s Digest Magazine awarded Medallion Cabinetry’s Designer Gold line with their “Best Buy” certificate. This prestigious rating is given to less than 3% of competitors in a particular category. Consumer’s Digest lists Designer Gold as “the least expensive semi-custom line that has all-plywood construction and a lifetime warranty”.

Ever notice where your guests tend to gather in your home? Where your family meets after a busy day? Where a quiet morning offers a moment of relaxation,and a birthday party creates memories to last a lifetime?

A room as important as the kitchen deserves your attention. Shouldn't it be everything you've ever dreamed of? Welcoming. Comforting. A perfect reflection of you— your taste and style.

With Medallion Cabinetry, it's easy to go from drab and dreary to warm and cozy, light and modern, classic and charming.

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