Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is a single source so important when considering a new kitchen?
  2. Generally speaking, there are about a half dozen different kinds of sources for kitchens. Some provide only products, some only services, and some provide both products and services. Frankly, it's a wise idea to buy your cabinetry and have it installed by the same party who has designed your project. Fixing responsibility with one source, for at least this portion of the kitchen project, makes good sense for a number of reasons:

    1. There are fewer possible errors in the communication and ordering of the cabinetry and component parts which could cost you more money later on.
    2. There are fewer possible installation errors, ensuring the best quality job with the fewest possible delays.
    3. It eliminates arguments when, as an example, the installing party blames the designer for an inaccurate plan because the cabinetry isn't fitting properly. Then the designer blames the cabinet supplier for incorrectly ordering the cabinets, claiming the plan was subject to their field measurements.

  3. What all is involved in remodeling a kitchen?
    Kitchen remodeling can be broken down into three categories: partial remodeling, full replacement and major remodeling.
    "Partials" are the most difficult to do effectively. Holding to a strict budget is the biggest concern. You want the biggest change for the lowest dollar investment. Here are some cost effective techniques:
    a) Appliances: Use replacements that fill the current space and still suit your needs. In doing so, we avoid altering existing cabinetry or counters which is difficult and time consuming
    b) Counters: If the wall cabinets are not being changed, the most cost effective countertop is custom-built laminate top with a square-edge face and laminate or tile splash.
    c) Cabinet Fronts: You can get a new look with a front job but it is not cost effective. You are still left with the outdated cabinet interiors lacking many features. You also do not get as much resale value. A more cost-effective approach is to repaint the cabinetry and furnish with new up-to-date handles and knobs.
    "Full Replacements" will increase your investment with the required labor to remove and install new cabinets and counters, the actual cost of the new storage system, plus plumbing and electrical work for the disconnects and reconnects.
    "Major Remodeling" objective is to create a "great room" where family and friends can cook, dine, relax, watch TV and party together. By serving as a facilitator in these large renovation or addition projects, our company delivers the best value for your dollar.
  4. How much can I expect to pay for a new bathroom?
    There are four major factors that will decide cost. As with kitchen projects, they are Scope, (partial or full replacement), Design, Product and Services. Generally speaking, overall bathroom cost are 40% in product (including tile) and 60% in labor. This ratio is just the opposite of kitchens. So, Like with design, products is not quite as prominent a cost factor in bathrooms as in kitchens.